10 New Cars You Can Buy For Under $15,000

There are still cars on the market today that can be bought for $15,000. You can own that brand new car smell for a small sum of money. These new cars have so many great features with great gas mileage and fast speeds. Below are ten new cars for under 15,000 dollars. Can’t get financed? Read our bad credit auto loan guide now.

  1. Chevy Sonic Under $15,000
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    The Chevy Sonic is a really sporty looking car starting at just over $14,000. The car comes in a four door-sedan or hatchback and gets forty miles per gallon thanks to the turbo-charged engine. This car is a small economy car but has cool features like the exposed headlights.

    You will have a cockpit front seat with a motorcycle instrument panel that looks really sharp. This car is fun to drive and offers a top safety rating with lots of airbags.

  3. Toyota Yaris Under $15,000
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    The Yaris is a sharp looking car which has a European flair to it especially the front end. You will get a great economical car for under $15,000 that get great highway mileage at 37 mpg. The Yaris has a 4-speed automatic and is know to handle very well. This car under 15 grand and is a 3-door 4-cylinder. The interior is very stylish and comfortable with easy to use and bright controls with lots of storage space and cup holders.

  5. Chevrolet Spark Under $15,000
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    You will be getting a great little urban car for right around 13,000 dollars. The Spark offers a 4-door hatchback and plenty of room for four. The engine is a four-cylinder with a five speed automatic and it looks great. You will be getting an Onstar system with 4G capability. The Spark even has power windows and you will be getting 39 highway miles and has a high safety rating.

  7. Ford Fiesta Under $15,000
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    The Fiesta is a sporty car that has some great styling for a small car. This car has a more powerful engine than others in this class with an 120 horsepower turbocharged engine and a standard six-speed automatic transmission. This fast and quick engine gets a combined gas mileage of 36 mpg. You will have room for five and if you need cargo space just fold down the back seat. This is both a sedan and hatchback that is very smooth driving. There is a great high tech system in the Fiesta for all your phone and internet needs.

  9. Kia Rio Under $15,000
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    The Rio responds well to drivers and has a 138-horsepower four cylinder engine which gets great highway mileage of 40 mpg. You get a standard 6-speed manual transmission and this car costs less than $15000. The Rio has one of the most best interiors of all these cars.

    The Rio comes in sedan or hatchback and you can add an optional sunroof and also keyless entry. The interior is also roomy and a great value in the Rio and you will enjoy the great handling of the car.

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  11. Nissan Versa Under $15,000
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    The Versa is the cheapest car available in America with the basic car starting under $12,000 has many great features. You get a lot of car for the money with a large interior and this car comes standard with Bluetooth and air conditioning. The gas milage on this car is hard to beat with forty mpg on the highway.

    The engine although fuel efficient is not the fastest out of this review of cars. With the versa you get a 5 speed manual for a fun driving experience. If you want there is a 4-speed automatic available.

  13. Smart Fortwo Car Under $15,000
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    Smart Fortwo car is just what it says and yes is made for two and even come in a convertible one. You can get a great little car for around $14,000 and yes it does have safety features like airbags and traction control make this a safe little car. You get a car that is surrounded by a safety cage.

    The Smart Fortwo car fits into the tiniest parking spaces and gets forty-one highway miles. This is the smallest car in America and can be a really fun car to drive saving money on gas and it is available in electric.

  15. Mitsubishi Mirage Under $15,000
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    The Mirage gets the best mileage of any of these cars with 44 mpg on the highway. You will be getting a 3 cylinder engine and 5-speed manual transmission. The Mirage sells for around 14,000 dollars and has a great new design. It performs great for a small engine and has a great interior for the money.

  17. Mazda Mazda2 Under $15,000
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    The new Mazda2 will have one of the highest highway mpg on the market with 43. The hatchback 4-cylinder handles well with the 5-speed manual transmission and makes it fun to drive. The Mazda2 has a great interior and a multi-media interface that you can use your smartphone with. A great car that you can own for around $13,000.

  19. >Hyundai Accent Under $15,000
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    The Accent is a great looking car for around $15000 that has a four-cylinder engine. You will be getting a ten year powertrain warranty the best one out of all these cars. The 6-speed automatic is great for shifting and the car is fun to drive. It has a great stereo system where you can stream music. This little car holds five people and has lots of space.

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