Top 20 Books to Help You Get Out of Debt

Get out of Debt Fast
It isn’t easy to live debt free. In fact, it is harder to live debt free than it is to buy your first house or finish college. With a little reading help, these books can show you how to reduce or even eliminate your debt so that you can live a financially richer life. Some are more generalized than others and some are based primarily for the younger generation just starting out. No matter what book you choose and what page you land on, you are sure to find a tip that may help you finally live debt free (or at least get your foot in the door).

  1. Debt is Slavery by Michael Mihalik. This book outlines steps that were personally used by its Mihalik to get out of his enormous debt. It is targeted towards college aged people and those looking to take the first steps in their financial future. > View this book on Amazon

  2. Zero Debt by Lynette Cox. Expert tips and advice are laid out in an easy to read book aimed at simple tips like reducing interest and how to get bill collectors off your back. It even offers several numbers you can contact for bill collector harassment. > View this book on Amazon

  3. The Total Money Makeover by David Ramsey. This is one of the top selling books regarding financial debt relief. It was designed to help readers design a financial plan and teaches you myths about money. > View this book on Amazon

  4. The Idiot’s Guide to Debt Relief by Kenn Clark. Written by a Certified Financial Planner, this read outlines strategies used to overcome every kind of financial debt including loans and losses from bad investments. Great for investors and those looking to make serious profits. > View this book on Amazon

  5. Zombie Economics by Lisa Desjardins. For those of you who find it hard to read financial books, this approaches throws you into a zombie apocalypse world and teaches the reader how to design a stock hold of ammunition to relieve the debt by saving, even in small amounts. > View this book on Amazon

  6. How to Settle Debts Yourself by Sandee Ferman. A step by step guide aimed at teaching you how to settle your debts yourself, inducing how to settle for an amount less than what you may owe. > View this book on Amazon

  7. Negotiate and Settle Your Debts by Mandy Akridge. In this book, you will learn how to write settlement letters to your lenders. There is a lot of excellent legal information as well. > View this book on Amazon

  8. The Debt Relief Manual: Step by Step to Debt Free by John Oswald. Bankruptcy, foreclosure, financial lawsuits and more are put into great detail in this book. It includes sample letters for negotiating with the IRS. > View this book on Amazon

  9. Live Debt Free: How to Quickly Pay Off Your Credit Cards, Personal Loans and Mortgages by Ted Carroll. In this book based on realistic circumstances in various cities, Carroll explains how to pay off personal debt and to use your areas average expenditures to help you plan your own budget for living in your current city. > View this book on Amazon

  10. Debt Free Spending by Joanneh Nagler. Ms. Nagler offers a unique way of teaching ow to downsize your personal and other expenses while boosting your savings. It is also called the Five Minute Plan. > View this book on Amazon

  11. Debt Free for Life by David Bach. While this book teaches you about getting out of debt, it covers more than just student loans and mortgages by including credit card debt and car loans. > View this book on Amazon

  12. Rich on Any Income by James Christensen. The goal of this book is to teach you how to live a wealthy life while budgeting what you realistically make. It is an excellent book for those with a lower income bracket. > View this book on Amazon

  13. Managing Money When You Don’t Have Any by Erik Weeks. In a revolutionary approach, Weeks seeks to teach you how to budget every penny you make so your bills are paid for and you still can save a little here and there, even if you are living from one paycheck to the next. > View this book on Amazon

  14. Managing Money for Dummies by Consumer Dummies. The epic guide company has hit the nail again with this guide to help you manage a household budget while increasing your income potential allowing for more financial freedom. > View this book on Amazon

  15. Financial Basics at Any Age by Susan Knox. Targeted at college students, this book seeks to teach those in school how to budget for both school and everyday life. Great for those who live on campus. > View this book on Amazon

  16. Never Work Again: Work Less, Earn More by Erland Bakke. In a new approach to financial freedom, Bakke seeks to teach us how to create online businesses to help you amass more income and live debt free. > View this book on Amazon

  17. The Six Figure Second Income and How to Start an Online Business Without Quitting Your Day Job by David Lindahl. This book focuses on making a secondary income using an online company. The tips included work best for those who seek to be time managed. > View this book on Amazon

  18. Passive Income by Ross Perry. Explained in the pages of this book are ways to make money and save money at every turn and even while you are sleeping! > View this book on Amazon

  19. 101 Income Opportunities for Women by Jennifer Basye. It it thought that women save better than men and in this book, women discuss creative ideas for turning their hobbies into real cash that can bring them substantial income. > View this book on Amazon

  20. On My Own Two Feet: A Modern Girls Guide to Personal Finance by Manisha Thakor. In another book inspired by a woman and meant for women, this book is geared towards younger women just starting out on their own and how to keep afloat comfortably while avoiding bad financial decisions. > View this book on Amazon

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