3 In 10 People Would Sell An Organ To Erase Their Student Loans

The college life is not only about party. The academic life brings numerous expenses. In addition to the convivial evenings , there are hours of endless study, spending tens of books , school supplies, meals at the university, transport , and other costs related to this phase of life. Therefore, there is a need to get a student loan to cover all of these conditions.

The money from loans is usually used to pay for tuition, accommodation and even school supplies, an amount that students intend to replace with future wages. The difficulty in finding a job right after graduation leaves many of these students with no chance to get rid of their student loans.

This difficulty in paying off student loan debt leads to desperate measures and the idealization of completely surreal hypotheses. To test how far they are able to go to end a debt, the site MyBankTracker asked 200 of its users, whose average age stands at 32 years, which were able to do to get rid of this problem.

For this study there were 5 issues for which they could only answer “yes or no”.

To the question “Were you able to transform your life in a reality TV show?”, 55% of respondents answered yes. The high percentage of positive answers to this question relates to the trivialization of loss of privacy and the huge popularity of this type of television shows.

Second, they were asked if they were able to sell an organ to repay the loan. To this question 30% of respondents answered yes. Do not forget that selling organs is completely illegal, and there are numerous risks to the health of the donor and there is still a decreased quality of life. A donor of an organ has to be hyper- healthy so they do not limit their lives.

The possibility to donate eggs or semen is an alternative to this drastic and dangerous. The donation of oocytes is a noble and selfless act that can help realize the dream of many couples who cannot have children.

In this study, the site MyBankTracker asked the students if they could ingest a drug that had not been approved by the FDA and 38% would accept to do it.

It is important to remember that however difficult the financial situation is, the students in this situation should always exclude the realization of measures that endanger their own health. There are reliable alternatives to renegotiate the payment of the student loan. Students in this situation can check how much the loan is influencing negatively on your credit score. For this you can use various online tools. Some tools allow students to estimate the best way to pay the loan, showing the advantages by adopting some form of payment. It is shown that making additional payments can be beneficial.

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