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bad credit mobile home equity loans

In today’s economy it is often important to make your investments and assets work for you (and stay away from a loan shark). There are many ways that individuals can allow their assets to work for them. Through low-interest equity loans, one of the often overlooked assets […]

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Top 20 Books to Help You Get Out of Debt

It isn’t easy to live debt free. In fact, it is harder to live debt free than it is to buy your first house or finish college. With a little reading help, these books can show you how to reduce or even eliminate your debt so that […]

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Bad Credit Home Equity Loans

When you have bad credit, it becomes difficult for you to get a loan. But it is possible for you to get a home equity loan, even with the bad credit you have. However, it is necessary that you have a little improvement in your credit score, […]

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20 Hilarious Tweets About Student Loans

I was on Twitter, just surfing around, when a pretty funny tweet about student loans caught my eye. Now, don’t get me wrong here: student loans and the crushing weight of debt that accompany it is certainly no laughing matter. But a few of these will make […]

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17 Must Read Blogs to Get Out of Debt Quick

In debt up to your eyeballs? Read these 17 blogs on how to get out of debt. You’ll learn real world strategies to keep your finances under control.

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10 New Cars You Can Buy For Under $15,000

There are still cars on the market today that can be bought for $15,000. You can own that brand new car smell for a small sum of money. These new cars have so many great features with great gas mileage and fast speeds. Below are ten new […]

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How To Find A Loan Shark

Think before you accept a loan from illegal lenders.

So, you want to find a loan shark? It’s not surprising. More people than ever are turning to illegal lenders. Unlicensed money lenders are always willing to loan money out — provided they can get an unreasonable return on their “investment”. It’s normal for many who loan […]

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I Need A Loan Shark

So you think you need a loan shark? Are things really that bad? If so, then this article may help you change your mind. We’ll also suggest safer options to help you get the money you need. While you think you may need a loan shark, we’re […]

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11 Ways to Get a Kiva Loan Quickly

The best way to learn about Kiva loans is to go to and read the information there, Make a careful study of what others are doing in order to get loans. Make sure you understand exactly how things work and what you have to do to […]

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Trump, College and The Cost of Living

Trump is back again. The entrepreneur – despite rhetoric – has made a few remarks that have surprised the people. He has a problem the government reaping profit from student loans, which seems a bit of an oxymoron to some, but when you think about Donald Trump […]

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