Detriot Area Loan Shark Goes to Prison

Looks like another loan shark bites the dust. This time in Detriot. After apprantly entering the U.S more than a decade ago, he is now being sentenced to 3 years 5 months in prison. Woohoo. One less loan shark on the street. Apparently he was making loans to fellow albanians at 45% or more interest.

Authorities consider Tomo Duhanaj a real tough guy. In the Albanian community, he was known for his “tough” attitude when collecting his money. He often used scare tactics and intimidation in order to collect.

Back in December, Duhanaj pleaded guilty to loan sharking and illegal money lending. He was sentenced Tuesday in a Detriot federal courthouse. Looks like he’ll have to finish out his sentence here. He won’t be going back to Kosovo anytime soon.

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