How To Find A Loan Shark

So, you want to find a loan shark? It’s not surprising. More people than ever are turning to illegal lenders. Unlicensed money lenders are always willing to loan money out — provided they can get an unreasonable return on their “investment”. It’s normal for many who loan money illegally to charge interest rates as high as 700,000%. People in desperate financial situations usually turn to these lenders when other options — such as traditional banks, personal loans, secured loans, and payday loans near me— turn them down based on bad credit.

Advice for Contacting Loan Sharks

Our advice is simple: stay away from loan sharks. Regardless of the fact that you keep getting turned down by traditional loan sources, there is help out there for you. But the first thing you must do is start living on a budget. The fact is you have most likely gotten yourself in this position because of bad financial decisions. Such decisions have now forced you to “take any deal that comes your way”. You’re at a severe loss of control at this point. Loan sharks realize this and that’s why when you borrow from them, you’re “hooked”. You’ll be forever paying nothing but interest back — yes you heard that right…interest ONLY. Some victims that have stepped forward have talked about borrowing $1,000, only to have repaid back over $30,000 over 15 years! Do you really want that for yourself and your family?

I don’t think so. Here’s what you should do instead. Check out this list of what to do instead of how to find a loan shark.

Loan Shark Alternatives

Live and die by your budget. Create it, live as frugal as possible, and stick to the plan. Yes, it’s going to suck. But if you can manage to suck it up — temporarily — your wallet and family will thank you for it in the long run. Start paying off debt. Again, it won’t be easy. But it’s not impossible. Start by making a commitment to pay off your smallest bill first. Promise yourself to put $50 – $100 or more every paycheck to paying it down. Once you have payed this bill off, move on to the next smallest bill. All the while you’re still paying the minimum on everything else. You can find out more about the debt snowball plan here.

  • Don’t borrow unless it’s an emergency. Let me repeat that. Don;t borrow unless it’s a financial emergency. Many people get the word “emergency” confused with “I want now”. You don’t need that expensive watch. You don’t need to start a capital intensive business. You don;t need money to gamble away at the dog track or other gambling venue. No. A true emergency can be defined as “I can’t pay my rent” or “My kids need food”. These are true emergencies. Learn the difference so that you will help to keep yourself out of debt.

  • Browse our directory of certified lenders. We are building a list of lenders that charge reasonable interests rates and are safe and legally licensed to loan money. Check back soon for a complete list!

    1. I need 4500 today will pay 300 a month for 2 years back to you I am in genuine difficulty can any please help me out asap.
      Please get back to me asap!!

    2. I need a loan of 10K and willing to pay back 5K interest.
      Kindly contact me.

    3. I need $200,000 to start my trucking company back up again. I went to school to learn how to work on them so I can do the repairs myself, repairs closed me down last time. Help me out please.

    4. i need 10k by tuesday please please help

    5. I need to borrow 2000 by Friday and wiling paid 6000 back just need a little help please

    6. I am in trouble. Need a 7-10k emergency loan. Very bad credit. Willing to pay whatever percent necessary. Please! Beyond despirate.

    7. I need a loan. I will pay any rate. My son has a medical condition and I can’t afford anything. Please message me.

      Private/ hard money personal loan

      • I need $1000 by the end of next week. Will pay back within 2 months. Please help..

    8. I need a loan asap. On the verge of losing everything. Please respond immediately. Please help me

    9. i need 1000 within the next few days and can repay within a month. help please?

    10. I’m a nurse and single full time father of an amazing 12 year old boy. I struggled through 5 years of crazy litigation to maintain my custodial rights while his mother pursued a marriage out of state with another man. Along the way I have racked up insane debt and now not sure how I’m going to keep our place to live and car amongst phone etc. I make excellent money and always have but have noone in my life that will help me with a large loan in order to get on top of this and allow me to pay one bill instead of 50. Im desperate and can’t think of anything. I am in need of a loan for $60,000 and have the ability to repay $2500 a month which over 36 months would return $72,000 to the lender. If anyone has any suggestions I’m all ears.

    11. in need of a emergency 2500 loan. can pay back 300 a week w interest.

    12. In need of a $1500 loan, will pay back within 4 weeks. Can anyone assist?

    13. I am in need of a $4000 loan. I need this money to save my house. If anybody out there can help me I would greatly appreciate it. I would need 6 months or more to pay back. In any event, God Bless those who can, those who cannot and those who won’t. Thank you.

    14. I am looking for a $4000 loan in order to save my house and repair my car. Please let me know if anyone can help. I would need at least 6 months to pay this. God Bless anyone who can help me and I ask him to Bless those who have it and won’t or cannot. Thanks

    15. Looking for $3000 by Friday will repay within 30days

    16. Please I need a loan of $1000, I’ll pay back $2000, I’ll pay $250 month

    17. I am in need real bad asap please for personal reason contact me

      • I only need 900 will pay full rate income tax time. What ever the cost may be

    18. I’m in need of $5000 right away, if someone can help fast, its much appreciated. I’m hoping to have funds in less than 24hr

    19. I’m in need of $5000 right away, if someone can help fast, its much appreciated

    20. I need a real loan shark to help me cut though all of the red tape I need funded asap but don’t ask me for anything upfront fees

    21. I am in need of a 20,000-25,000 emergency / consolidation loan. I am willing to pay high interest and set auto debits. I can pay $250-$350 monthly for however long the term of the loan is. I work 2 full time jobs, but am always in the negative because I owe more than I earn. I’m a good person and promise to pay every cent + interest. I am so desperate to get get back on my feet. Please help!

    22. Need a loan for 5000 US dollars. Will repay back in 6 months. Willing to pay interest of 2500.

    23. I need $10000 loan will pay back $15000 in six months .

    24. Hi I need a business loan $10000 Ill pay back $15000
      Please serious reply only

    25. I need a loan 10K with 15% interest for 3 yrs.

    26. I need a $500 loan for my rent. Something major came up and i don’t to be homeless with my son again.

    27. i have not worked in 3 months due to surgerys had heart and hernia am 2000.00 be hind in just rent i need a loan of 5000.00 will be payed back in 8 months please can someone help me please dont have a bank account it was closed due to an over draft i will be getting evicted tomorrow unless it is payed up to date please please can someone help me

    28. In need of a 15,000 loan in Ohio, can pay back quickly and even use collateral. Have nowhere else to turn and keep getting denied elsewhere.

    29. In need of a $15,000 loan can pay back quickly and even use collateral. In desperate situation and need help.

    30. i need a $13,800 loan i am able to pay back $350 a month for 4 years that comes to $16,800 email me if this is possible

    31. July,2015

      I am in need of a 10,000 loan. I am about be evicted on Tuesday and I am in need of car repairs so I can get back to work. I have a good job and can pay back within 12 months.

    32. Hi all,

      I need a loan of 20.000 euros to repay the bank and clear my name from bad credit asap.

      Can pay 400 euros a month.

    33. need 5000 asap to start business will pay back within 10 months

    34. I need $2500 to get me and my daughter back to ms from MD. I have nothing and we need to get back to her mom and my job. I need this asap. We came to Maryland cause I was promised a great job and opportunity but quickly found out I was being lied to. Could some one please help I have tried various loan companies and no one will help. Please I beg anyone and I will pay back. Er mom isn’t in real good health and I need to get her home. This is a very serious inquiry. I don’t know what else to do

    35. I need a loan for 30k and willing to pay 1200 a month back until loan is paid off.. I need information who I can get a loan.. My credit score is bad but looking to pay high interest rate to get a loan

    36. Need a thirty thousand dollar personal loan. Willing to pay 600 a month for installment. Need asap

    37. I’m in need of a 5000 dollar loan. I need to get my bills caught up, and be able to get some groceries for my kids that I raise by myself. I can pay back over time and offer collateral. Please help in KY

    38. I need a 2500 loan but have bad credit who can help me

    39. I am very desperate for a loan. I live in Calgary Alberta and I need a loan of 1000 dollars and I can have it paid back by the end of July. I need a lender that is in Calgary that I can meet face to face. My wife’s dad is dying and I am trying to get ger back to see him before he does pass away. He only has a few dats left at best is what there saying. If there is anyone that can help me please get back to me asap.


    40. I am in need about 12,500 to get back on my feet can you help.

    41. I am in desperate need of $3000 by tomorrow June 22, 2015. I can repay 300 per month until the loan had been paid. I do work 2 jobs now, but I fell behind when I lost my job over a year ago. I am back to working now but I have all my bills past due and I can’t seem to ever catch up.

    42. Need $50,000 for start-up business. Will pay back in 5 years with an APR of 20%. Can anybody help me?

    43. I need $12,000 immediately plz help, will pay $200 mthly till it’s paid off.

    44. Need 5000.00 to move out. Getting divorced It’s domestic violence related. Have three kids. Work full-time can pay back over time. No one will help. Please desperate.

    45. Hi i need a £10000 pound loan as i am going to loose my house and my family i have a permanent job and can pay a higher intrest and pay every month for 3 years please help me i have tried every option i can think of but cannot get anyone to help me.

    46. I need a small loan of 1200 to get my car back please I have my wedding ring as collateral. I am a mother of 5 children and we need our vehicle back.

    47. I m looking for 10k loan for this week. If anyone want to help me out. We can talk about the repayment plan please let me know.

    48. I need 5000 for my rent and behind in rent and im about to be put out.

    49. I need a 4000 loan willing to sign contract and to pay 50 percent interest
      back in 3 months

      please help

    50. I am so in debt. I need 1,500 to pay my utilities and rent tomorrow morning or I am screwed.. I don’t know what to do.

      • I need 1200 by this evening. To fun my food truck

    51. I need 9000 asap…. We r in need of a home and moving expenses and everything for a home we have nothing plz someone help we have 4 small baby’s 5and under someone plz help

    52. I need a loan I’m in Erie will pay interest please help only serious inquires

    53. I am in serious need of 30,000 will pay back 50,000 all interest need two weeks or less to repay please only serious inquires only.

    54. My name is Tim i am looking for a personal loan of 5000. I have s solid income. I receive benefits
      from the VA, and permanent disability. Need to replace my vehicle ASAP.My credit is bad. looking for a legitimate loan offer with out looking at my credit.

    55. I’m on need of £1500 anyway lan today for maximum of 4 weeks if anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

    56. I need to borrow $5000 will pay 9 percent interest.

    57. I need 2,500 today. I won the lottery not mega millions but 25,000 and it will be here in two weeks max I was told. I’m in San Diego

    58. I need 1500.00 as soon as possible. Had my identity stolen and a false tax return filed in my name and I need to keep care of a few bills asap. PLEASE

    59. I need a $5000 loan today. I have no verifiable income. Can pay back within 6 months. Please help

    60. I’m in desperate need of a loan to pay bills so I don’t lose my home. I need $8000 by the end of the week. I’m will pay 20% interest and can pay $600 per month until paid in full.

      Only serious lenders, please.
      No scams or payday loans.

    61. I need a 1500 loan, will payback in 2 months. Serious inquires only.

      Thank you

    62. Need 3500$ in Cincinnati,Ohio today or…… So in this dyer situation I can pay back if help is available within two weeks up to 5000 open to offers

    63. I’m in need of $5000. I’ve been on my job for 10 yrs get pd every 2wks and can py back

    64. Need 15,000 in 24 hrs. Will pay back 21,500 in 24 days when I get my claim sent. They say it will take 14/18 days.. Only serious inquires. My claim is settled and will receive 40,000. Thank you

    65. I really need 30k. I have my warranty deed to nice 6 bedroom house in cook county suburb. I can repay within 6 months

    66. i need 1k,email me,im in wisconsin asap.

    67. I need 2700 for my son’s college tuition due in 2 hours. Can pay back in 5 days. Paid in full with interest.

    68. I need 10,000 asap. I have a six figure lawsuit going and will be able to pay soon.

      thank you

      • Did you find anyone? In in same boat
        Thanks andy

    69. Need 1,000 dollar loan call if can help will explain payments but need In next few days call. If can help can pay back quickly

      • Will pay high interest rate I need to know quickly

    70. in need of $2000 within a few days, located in Alabama can pay back within 2 weeks, loan plus interest!!! Someone please help!!! contact at via email and will give phone number

    71. I need an unconventional loan of $50,000 for business expenses. I will provide authorization to automatically deduct a pre-negotiated monthly amount to pay off this debt in 24 months, with interest. Business is in the southern California area and I can prove cash flow via credit card processing statements.

      Serious replies only, please.

    72. can anyone help me

    73. Hello this is my fourth request and they keep get taken off I need $5000.00 asap and will pay you back in 6 Mo. if you can help please contact me

    74. need 5,000 asap can someone help. cannot find a bank that will loan me the amount,very poor credit after divorce

    75. I need a loan by tomorrow $2000. I can repay full amount 3/20/15 with 500 loan fee .

    76. I need a loan of $2000… I had my money in a hidden spot came home to only find out my wife had tossed it all out with out her checking it… can pay $500 monthly please help out

    77. Need a 12k loan. Will have it paid back in 12 months with 15% interest.

      I have been asked to move out as they are selling my unit block need bond money and have defaults I would like to pay so that I can get bigger loans from banks in future

      I have tried traditional but credit poor due to former family member.

      please help. Im on a 80K bracket and have more than enough funds to pay back the loan within the year

      No scammer or pay day loans please.

    78. i’m looking for loan $10k for expand my business in indonesia with fee rate not more than 15%. pay in 36 months

    79. I need 10k, can anyone help

    80. seeking an unconventional loan
      Please contact

    81. Business partner took off with all the money payday is in the morning for crew
      All accounts and equipment are still here repayment within the month
      Need between 2000 to 6000

    82. I need a loan of 1000 dollars. I can repay in 30 to 60 days. Please help.

    83. Need $600 ASAP. To be paid off in 60 days or less.

    84. Need to borrow 50,000.00 – my husband is in the hospital and his insurance will not pay for the cancer treatments he needs. I can pay back 400-500 a month. Please help.

    85. if your a serious lender or a loan shark who does not require me to pay upfront cost in order to get a loan from them and transfer to me so if you are serious about giving out a loan I am willing to pay a high interest rate but I will not wire or pay upfront fees all charges should be deducted from the funds before it is transferred

    86. Help in in need of $10,000 to help with back rent so me and and family will not be evicted. I can pay back $400 a month till it’s paid off along with pay you back with some of my tax money. Please Help!!!! I need this within a weeks time!!!!

    87. Need a 10k loan. Will have it paid back in 60 days with15% interest. I have clients committed to new business but have to launch product first.

      I have tried traditional but credit sucks due to former family member.

      please help. No scammer or pay day loans please.

    88. I need $20,000 immediately for medical emergency. I can pay $400.00 a month until paid off. Someone please help

    89. I’m in desperate need of a loan.. I am needing 1800.00, I can easily make payments. If any sharks out there are able to assist then please give me the details of the loan. Thank you for your time and hoping to hear from you soon.

    90. I have a business deal that will pay out 59% in less than 90 days. It is guaranteed. There is no risk. Unfortunately, I do not have the entire cash flow, currently to fund the deal. I must fund the deal by Friday, otherwise I lose it.
      Anyone who is willing to loan me the dollars will receive the principal and 30% payback in 90 days. I need $14,400. I will pay back $18,720 in 90 days.
      Respond if you want this deal.

    91. In need of 10k for bills, rent and late car payments. Please help!

    92. i need a 20000 loan for house repairs so i dont get kicked out onto tje street

    93. I need a $2500 loan asap….please help me… I need it for Christmas for my kids please help me…I will pay back I need a loan shark today asap…

    94. I dont know what else todo I need 3000 by wendnesday to get my car back plz someone help me i will gladly pay you back im really in a bind an need help

    95. Need very small loan $500 can pay back by 60 days. Credit sucks, cant get a loan. Need immediately for food and a unexpected medical bill.. Located in South Central Kansas

    96. I need 2500 asap so I can pay my rent that is already a month late.
      If there is anyone out there who is able to help me today, that would be a miracle. I’m not quite sure how this all works but this is my absolute last resort. Please help.

      I’m in Tampa Florida.

    97. I need 50 thousand dollars to invest..

    98. I desperately need £4000 in Glasgow area (Scotland), can pay up to £400 per month for 2 years if needed, got a good job, same employer for last 6.5 years income £27,500 per year

      In desperate need!!

    99. I need fast cash to set my debit right. I would need $7000 this is to keep out of jail so that I can still keep a roof over my kids heads. I have a steady job and can pay $300.00 a month back until it is paid off. Need asap PLEASE. I need help and I am a single mom.

      • Did u ever hear back? I am desperate also… plz

    100. I am in need of around $15000. It is due to old debt and current legal fees. I have a poor credit score but could have a co signer that has a better one. Willing to make up to $800 payments maybe more if needed. Needing it as soon as possible!

    101. Need $2,000 and will repay with interest on Sept 30, 2014

    102. How much payback on 500.00 dollars

    103. Im seeking $12,500. I need the money immediately , I’m willing to pay $350- to $400 till the debt is settled.

    104. Please help! I have a deadline of the 3rd of June. To cover emergency cost of $4000.00 USD. I have a steady job I have been at for 4 years, and can pay $500.0 to $600 a month. I am in serious need of a Loan Shark. My credit is horrible but it is dye to college debt, some medical, and old cell phone providers. Please help! I live in North Texas, and am available as of 4pm CST.

    105. I am in immediate need. I am not greedy and we can pay back the loan each month $200 until paid. The amount is $3,000. Myself and my son who is a college student have jobs but our housing situation was messed up recently leaving us to scramble at the last min. I am looking to pay our housing costs and can provide documents proving my stress. Can also prove with stubs and employment letters we can pay at least $200 per month or $250. I am not being piggish just asking for what we need only. Traci

    106. I need $5000 to respectfully bury my sister who passed away Wednesday morning and to make matters worse I also need the money to avoid eviction this week from where I have lived since 2006!!! It’s crashing down all around me , I have the means to back monthly payments !!! I need it now!!! This has been the worst week of my life …help!

    107. I need a loan of 2000 euro. Pleaaaase. It is really urgent

    108. I am in need of a $4000 personal loan. I can pay $300 per month until it’s paid off, however long the term has to be. Let me know if anyone in Calgary can help. Need it ASAP.

    109. I am in need of a 10000 dollar loan and can pay back 500 a month til its paid back. Is there anyone in Calgary Alberta that can help me? Please get back to me.


    110. Im in need of a small loan asap 1500 I can pay back all in two months time. My car is going to be repossessed. I need help.

    111. I need a collateral loan. I have poor scores and cannot get a traditional loan. I need about $6000.00, I have suitable collateral that would be estimated at three times what I am asking for in a loan. I have no issue with whatever interest rate or fee involved in helping obtain an appropriate loan to cover this one particular debt I owe. We can sign the legal paperwork making the loan provider the lien holder on my property until the loan and fees are all paid in full. I also have references and I have lived in the same area for many years and I am stable in my career. I simply do not have the correct credit scores to acquire a loan with a bank or financial institution.

      Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.


    112. need of loan for 3,500 payback over 3 months, please help

    113. I’m in a real bad way now, need 5,000, can pay between $150 month and pay much more down the road. I’m in desperate need, can’t get loan, bad credit no other options! Please Help! ASAP! Serious responses only, Trust me I tried alot of other ways before.

    114. Please i need a loan of $30,000 and please get back to me as soon as possible,

    115. Please I am in need of a loan. 5000 immediately for a house to buy for my kids. This is an investment for my 2 little boys. We have been thru so much over the past year and need a place to call home.
      Thank you.

    116. I need help with my rent ,and need tools for woork my window on my truck was broken and behind on my rent I really need help I dono’t want to lose my housing can you pleasoe help I need $1200 for rent and tools for work can you help.

    117. Hey listen I need a small Loan of $1500 I am in a small spot! I am just trying to keep from losing my place and pay off some bills! I hope some can help me out.

    118. I am in NYC and I need a loan for $35,000 dollars. I can pay back $1000 dollars a month, if not more. I understand that there will be interest, and accept that. I have been turned away by every bank and credit union that I have been to. Please help!

    119. I need a loan of $1500 immediately. I might lose my business if I can’t pay me bills and rent. Will pay back within 2 months. Thanks

    120. I need a loan of 2000 that i can bay back over a 24 month period of possible, maybe less depending on my payments. I need to pay bills and rent. I got sick and missed work for a bit also having to pay medical expenses.

    121. I am in need of a 5000 loan, I have no other options!!!!

    122. My name is Thais and I need a loan for 7000 to catch up with bills pay off my car, rent I can pay you back within 24 to 36 months, also I’m starting a second part time job which will enable me to pay back faster. Can anyone help??


    123. I need to borrow 10, 000.00. I can pay back on term payments or wotk for you to repay.

    124. I am a professional single Mom needing $6000 for emergency medical bills for daughter. I have a good full time job, I will be able to pay back at least $500 / month or more. I’ve gone through my savings and my daughter needs more care. Any help would be appreciated. Anyone know of anyone or anywhere I can get help? In Colorado. Thanks.

    125. I’m in need of a $3000 loan. I’ve tried all options and haven’t been successful. I’ll pay it back with interest. Please help me.

      • I need a loan immediately of 5,000. I will be able to pay back in a few months it is an emergency please help me I gotta get my daughter back to school by Friday

    126. Needing a loan of 5000. Asap if knowing anyone that can help me. W no up front fees.. Can pay back in a few short months.

    127. I need a loan in the amount of $5000. I don’t care what I have to pay back. I need the money ASAP. I will be able to pay twice the amount back as I am getting a huge settlement in 2 months. It is an emergency. Please help! This is my last chance.

    128. I need a loan for $10,000 can anyone help?

    129. Hi, I need to borrow $6500 for teacher certification and other debt (due to not being certified) before the school year starts. I need the money ASAP so I can take the classes needed and will qualify for a bonus for repayment. I am really in need, this is my last option, Please Help!!!

    130. Looking for a 10k loan to purchase a truck I need for work. This truck will enable me to make more money so i will be able to pay back loan in 12-24 months. Please help.

    131. I have put my self in a bad postion 1 year ago I bought a house for my 3 daughter and my self I have fallen behind 3 month I need to keep this home for my girls I need your help I need to barrow 6000 dollars please I have a good job I will pay you back need your help please.

    132. Need an 5k loan emergency need help plz

    133. I am in need of a 2500 dollar loan for a motorcycle for transportation to and from work and for college, I will gladly pay back any reasonable amount of compensation, please get back to me ASAP with proposals thank you.

    134. Need a loan of 25k asap. Looking to start up a business, having trouble coming up with start up cost.

    135. I need a loanshark by tomorrow 10am. I need $2500 cash by tomorrow noon or else my family and I will get in big trouble. I do have a stable job, not bad. Just have some bad luck and short of cash, please reply asap. I am willing to pay back $3000 in less than 60 days. thanks

    136. I am in need of a small loan of $5000 to start my business. I will have it paid with interest in 60days. PLEASE help!!

    137. Hi I really need help with a personal loan for about 5,000 dollars to pay off some bills and get my life back on track. I was unemployed for about a year taking care of my mother with RA and it hurt my finances quite a bit. If you know of anywhere or anyone that is willing to help please let me know.

    138. Does anyone really help those that need large loans with bad credit on here? I really am desperate and need 40000 like yesterday. I’m fixing to loose my home and car..i lost my job over a year ago and now have a good paying job, jsut so behind on everything. i have a house full of kids and my mother. i need help please

    139. I need a loan of 40000. I can pay back 1000 a month I need to get caught up on bills. Please help

    140. Hello need a loan £4,500 , to lee my family in our home
      Due to an accident I got in debt I’m now back to work and in full time employment
      Am able to payback weekly or monthly with interest. Please help

    141. im still in need of help is their anyone out there that can help me please i dont know where else to go . still need a loan of 4,000 we can work out repayment. awaiting a reply thanks :)

      sincerely kerryann

    142. Hello. I’m looking for a loan for $1700.00. I am on social security and moving in with my son, so I can afford a monthly payment of around $200.00. I am in Michigan and I’m 61 years old.

      Thank you in advance. If anyone is able to assist it would be appreciated.

    143. Looking for a 3,000k loan. Can pay back in 30 days plus interest. Please help

    144. I’m in need of a 10k loan USD.
      Can pay back 20k USD In one month or less.
      If you can or if you know anyone capible of
      this loan transaction that wants to make 10+ thousand
      quick return cash send me a message, awaiting your reply.

      Sincerely, Zach

    145. I’m in need of a loan $10000, I need it ASAP. I can pay $500 monthly. Please Help! I’m I’m San Antonio Teas.

    146. im still need of a 4,000 loan please if anyone can assist me

    147. I need 1,000. My family will be kicked out of our home if i dont have it soon… I am desperate

    148. Need info on a 25k loan I Live in San Diego

    149. I need a loan shark ill pay what ever i will NOT pay up front fees i wont send any money untill i have the loan in hand. That being said i desperately need 20,000 dollars and i needed it like five days ago im located in denver colorado please please help

    150. I need 4000 and will pay back with interest in 2weeks aftermy house settlement. Please

    151. I need a loan for $3000 asap or I will go to jail. I have 3 kids and can’t afford to go to jail. Please help

    152. this is my second attempt im in need of 4,000 dollars i am really behind on my bills .desparetly seeking help. we can arrange payments please help me. i have three kids and might be facing eviction soon soon if im unable to pay my bills please help

    153. Need a loan asap. I am in the northamptonshire area of the UK. Need it now and can pay back at whetever terms u want. Please someone HELP!.

    154. i am in need of a loan asap for 4,000 dollars. if anyone can help or put me in the right way with a loan shark please im getting desparate now . u can email .

      • ineed of a 2,000 dollar loan please can someone help. we can dscuss repayment

    155. Hello can anyone help me? I need 500 pounds by tommorow or me and my children will be evicted. I’m a single mum who works full time.

    156. My car is broke down and I need it to get to work. My job is 35 miles away from my home. Loan shark please help me!!

    157. I need a 2k loan. I have horrible credit but make good money. I can pay it back with 100% interest in 12 months with bi-weekly payments. Nothing up front.

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