I Need A Loan Shark

So you think you need a loan shark? Are things really that bad? If so, then this article may help you change your mind. We’ll also suggest safer options to help you get the money you need. While you think you may need a loan shark, we’re here to prove that you don’t. In fact, here are 4 damn good reasons to never use a loan shark–and what you can do instead to find a safe, alternative loan.

Loan sharks Charge Up To 4,000 % or Higher Interest Rates

Can you imagine having to pay back such a loan? Illegal lenders in the UK currently charge interest rates this high, and sometimes, much higher. Its reported that 87% of victims who fall into this trap are never able to repay the loan. The interest rates are just too high. In other words, you’ll keep paying nothing but interest to the illegal lender, making it near impossible to ever pay the illegal lender back.

You’ll Put Your Life In Danger (and Your Family)

Unlike traditional high street banks, who follow ethics and regulations when it comes to collecting unpaid debts, illegal lenders will stop at nothing to get a return on their “investment”. In the United States and UK, a loan shark often may, initially, seem to be a great person. In fact, many times they are a respected individual that the victim trusts. It isn’t until the victim falls into a desperate financial situation that the loan shark shows their true self. The victim is offered a solution to their financial woes, and without thinking too much about it, accepts an inflated loan rate, thinking that they will easily pay it off asap.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. What will happen is after non-payment, the illegal lender will gradually begin barraging the victim with mental harassment. This quickly turns into threatening the borrower with physical injury and harm. Often times, this extends to threatening the borrowers family as well. For examples of how dangerous loan sharks can be, take a look at our article the most dangerous mafia loan sharks.

You’ll Be Stuck in a Never Ending Debt Cycle

As we mentioned above, very little of your payment will be applied to the principal. In most cases, the entire payment is applied to the borrowed funds. Remember, there are no rules or regulations for lenders who practice usury. They make their own rules. They’re isn’t much you can do, other than report them. For example, if you’ve taken out a $2,000 loan, and you’re interest rate is 800%, you’ll be paying nothing but interest for years. This debt keeps compounding as well, because its likely you can only pay the minimum. If you truly want to get out of debt, stay away from these types of loans.

You’ll Always Be Looking Over Your Shoulder

If you are only making the minimum payments, or if you can’t make payments at all, it’s only a matter of time before the illegal lender starts making moves to “get their money”. The best thing you can do if you’ve borrowed from a loan shark, is to report them to the proper authorities right away. Doing so will move you and your family out of harms way, and also keep other family’s from falling into the same trap.

So there you have it. 4 reasons to stay away from illegal loan sharks. What are some other reasons it’s a good idea to stay away from such unscrupulous lenders?

  1. I’ve applied for s few loans for Christmas and found nothing but scammers and time wasters unfortunately. I receive £1280 every 4 weeks so I am able yo pay back a reasonable amount each month because i receive disability benefits and I’m in the benefits support group with ESA.

  2. Hi.
    Looking for a $5000.00 loan, repayment terms negotiable.
    I am in New York City.

  3. I need to borrow $5000 usd by next week (12/11/15). I’m good for paying $400-500 a month or $300 every two weeks. I’m about to finish paying off my car by April and with my tax refund I could most likely pay you off with interest of course.

    Email me first so we could talk. So I could give my # and/or personal. Thank you.

  4. I need a personal loan of $25,000 for personal/business use, I’m an independent filmmaker and have a very lucrative film project; willing to discuss equity sharing for help funding this project. Serious inquiries only please.

  5. I need a loan for $5000 to $10,000 right away. I will be able to pay back with in 6 months. Guaranteed. It is worth double to me. (like I said, repaid in 6 months)
    $10,000 will generate me a $200,000 plus yearly income. Starting in 2016. After I can get a loan.
    I don’t care if it a “loan shark” or not.

  6. I am looking for $3000 to pay off my car with the bank so that I can get a tittle loan with my car title. Currently my car can get up to 9500 with Title Max. I already took my car to them today and they gave me an estimate of $9500. If anyone can give me a loan for $3000 with an interest of $550, this mean I will pay back $3550 to the lender but I need this cash by tomorrow.

    Only serious lenders please, I do not want any scammers asking for upfront fees or my bank account online login information. I am looking for a serious person who wants to do some serious business.

  7. I need to borrow $300. Please help.

  8. I have been scamed 3 times now im so broke due to being scamed that I,am about to lose everything and need help right away. This is my last hope please. We need 35,000.00 in Canada funds to pay bills right away. We have until tonight or first think tomorrow morning to get the money please help. We can make monthly payments to pay it back.

  9. I need 2500 in a couple days will pay in one month

  10. i need 3000 to pay rent bad credit i need money now

  11. Need a loan to pay my doctor bills and my other bills

  12. I need a 5,000 loan
    I. Had some unexpected things come up
    Car problems r medical can pay back 300 a month
    PleSe and thank you

  13. I need a loan of 1000 urgently I can make monthly payments back please help

  14. I need a loan of 5000 to take my depressed wife on a vacation she lost her mom and dad three weeks apart. I am able to repay over a period of time thanks for listening!

  15. I need $400 for my car and school loan payment

  16. I need a $15 k loan. I can pay back $700 monthly until it’s paid-off.

  17. dear sir or maam

    im in desperate need of a loan the credit has gotten so bad because the economy that it has fallen to the point that a loan shark is my last hope i need 10,000 american dollars to get a car so that i can start making more hours i understand the interest is high and i have no choice but my need for a car is desired more than the want for food or bed with that certain someone i need to make dent in the bad credit to make for what can only be hoped as a future if there is one as it stands i am lucky to get almost 500 take home a month i am a hard worker and have a back ground in automotive technology please write back to email if able to help

  18. Hi. I’m only looking for 300 dollars. This coming Thursday my daughter has a very important appointment, she has autism and this appointment is not covered by insurance. I have all the money but the 300.00. I can pay the 300 back in full on August 24th. Please if anyone can help. Please!

  19. Need 10 k will pay back 15k in two weeks.

  20. I need a personal loan of $9,500. Please I need a loan shark. I need help.

    • I need a loan of 10,000 to pay off high interest debt and have one payment, but my credit scores are too low to get approved for the reputable loan companies. I can pay a monthly payment, but just need a break here.

      It seems there are many of us out here, what a niche market.

    • I have read all of the comments and a little nervous. Please let me know if you find someone reputable.

    • Can you give me information on how to find a loan shark.

  21. Hello, I need 10,000 to pay me 4 month late rent befor I get kicked out, get my car fixed so I can go back to work with my own vehicle and look for a new apartment.
    Will be very greatful and can pay 500-700 a month back till it’s fully repayed.

  22. Need 5000. Like yesterday. I’m getting ready to loose my vehicle and only means of transportation. Will pay 450. Mo

  23. I am in desperate need of $1,000 to clear up some pressing debts. I have a small but regular income. I could pay back in one year.

  24. need 3k to be paid back over next few months.

  25. I am in need of $3000. I would like to repay in eight months. Thank you.

  26. I have a sick child and the Dr bills are piling up I need 20000 immediately I’m about to lose my house please help

  27. Need a loan between 1,000 – 2,000

  28. I need a loan of 140,000 for a real estate deal, your money will be secured. Need for 60 days… Need a loan shark for quick deal.

  29. I looking for a loan of 500,000.00 with a 2500.00 monthly payment to start business that makes a lot of money I need equipment I tear down old abanded places cut up metal and sell to scrap yards place I want is all metal it take me and 4 guys 2 years to do I cut 200 tons I 6 weaks by my self I think they can cut at least 100 so that’s 300 ton 600,000 bls and sell for .56 pound that’s 336,000.00 I need this loan so if u person loans money real loans no up front bs fees and scams like I paid for and learned my lesson there email me at I need this loan desperately

    • I think loan sharks r afraid of me come on give me call and loan if u have the balls I need this I kill for it call me 620-378-4386

  30. I need $2100.00 asap to get my my car out of the pound. Its my car and my mom’s car. I got it impounded a month ago and the longer it stays in the pound, the higher it will be to get it out. They are going to auction the car off in a week so I really am in need of a loan shark. As for my financial situation. My mom and I can only afford to pay back $150 a month. After I find a job, we can pay you back quicker. I can really use a loan shark right about now. Thank You.

  31. I need help and fast! HopiNG to land a job in a week but we are so under water we are about to lose our home. Married 2 kids a 6 and 3 year old. Need $20,000K fast!

  32. I am in need of $5000. I have been on my job for 10 yrs and can pay back

  33. I need $10k USD ASAP, as in yesterday. I have a stable mid management job so I can pay back. Please contact me.

  34. need asap 10,0000

  35. Will do whatever is I can to get this 1,000 dollar loan have 2 jobs can pay fast but need answer fast number is on her along with email please please help will explain in depth

  36. Hello I put three request on here and they keep get taken off I need $5000.00 asap if you can help me please contact me. Please don’t take me off of here anymore I will be able to pay you back in 6 Mo.

  37. I need $5000.00 as soon as possible if you can help please contact me

  38. I havea land 40 acers and a nice home but I need like 50k asap I am willing to put it up for coladeral and get it payed off in under a year pleaase help i dont knonw who else to tgo to

  39. I am desperately in need of a loan of 1500.00, as far as legality of it all I don’t care, any loan shark willing to loan me 1500.00 please contact me with the terms of the loan. Thanks

  40. in need of 2000 for the holidays contact me Asap I can pay back in 6 months

  41. i am in urgent need of $6000.00 loan
    needed asap can pay back monthly
    large interest rate if i must
    loan not to exceed 24 months
    willing to pay penalty for
    early repayment
    only serious lenders and no scam

  42. I have a way to pay the money back, its a trust fund, I also have a deed to a condo here in florida, i really need a loan asap, I im not a cop or anything like that. you can come to my job and meet me, but i realy need this loan and i have money coming in tha next 60 day i will be gatting 100,000 dollers and i can prove it.. please call or come by my work i im the manager of a furniture warehouse in pompono beach

  43. We need a 6000.00 loan to pay off bills can pay back monthly. No scams please no month up front. We have lost a lot due to scam

  44. I need 5000 to get my head above water. I got into payday loan cycle and need to get out of it. Can u help?

    • I am in the same circumstance. Have you been able to locate anyone? It seems this is big business and could be profitable given most of us would truly pay the money back. We just need a break here and there.

  45. I am in desperate need of $2500 immediately so that my daughter and I will not be homeless. I am able to pay it back and have been employed for 4 years with the same company. My husband left and had not paid anything. We are in jeopardy if living in the streets and legal action by Monday

  46. i haf 2 kids and no job. i haf a reliable income and will pay back in 6-8 hundred months. my hubsand is in the NBL and he makes nothing a year so i haf no money except for that reliable income i talk about. message me my name is babysky9999 <3

  47. I need $6.000 ;loan can pay back in 12 moths for new equipment

  48. need a 6,000 dollar loan to buy new equipment will pay back in 12 months

  49. I urgently need of $5,000. I have reliable income and can repay full amount in a few months.

  50. Need 2000 dollar loan. can pay back in 2 months or before. I need money by tomorrow. Have full time employment and collateral.

  51. I need a $700 loan to start my weed growing business. I will have the money payed back within 2 to 3 months of the loan. anyone?

  52. I need a load of €15,000 over to 2 years and I can pay €800 euros a month thanks joe lynch

  53. I need to borrow 14,000 to save my home will payback pulse interest in 12 months thank you this is realmurgent

  54. I need a 3000 to 5000 dollars loans urgently to start my export import anyone with information please contact me. I will pay back in minimum 90 days.

    Thank you

  55. I need a loan of $2500-$5000. I am under bad debt since I working issues for relocation which ended up none. A mother of 2, I am willing to pay in 1 year! Payments monthly even with interests!

  56. I need a 1500 loan and can either put a vehicle up, etc. I am disabled and on social security disability. Have not had even cold water for weeks and am on the tail end and hoping to be back to work soon. I can make regular payments once a month until such time.

  57. I am a single mother of 3 & I need a startup business loan. I make furniture & vintage home decor… I have been doing this for a while but need capital. Please help!!

  58. Looking for loan to help smooth things out financially. Looking for $2500 can repay by end of year

  59. I need $2500.00 by tomorrow morning to take care of some bills, I work full time and will be able to repay the loan by the end of the year.


  60. Im going to give birth on the 28th of august, i am broke, my rent is overdue, i have 2 kids already and i cant afford the hospital bill. Im from malawi and 2500usd would really help me and my family out and i would be able to pay this back before the year ends.

  61. i need a loan!

  62. Hello I need a loan ASAP I am a business owner but things got a little bit out of controll when I got sick so I could not work do to the injuries that I had but now I am able to work I need a loan of 25000 to get back on feet but I need this money on 7/7/13 as to my landlord at my business location is ready to put me out I would like to give him this money on 7/8/13 please help no one else to turn to

  63. hello i need help can anyone help me with a 5,000 loan we can negotiate the terms of repayment

  64. I have been scamed 3 times now im so broke due to being scamed that I,am about to lose my home and my car I have 4 kids and no money due to these people please a true lender help I work two jobs they took my money.

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