Tales of a Finance Executive Taking on a Loan Shark

You won’t believe what happened to this financial leader after being employed by some big name financial corporations. You’re not always satisfied by just making money. Mutaz Qubbaj started a company after working for years in the financial investment field. Qubbaj quit a job at a big time international firm to manage a startup company created to help people stop using the “Payday Loan” companies.

Your paycheck goes fast when you don’t have enough money just to pay bills and put food on the table. In Britain there has been a huge increase in the proliferation of “Loan sharking”. The working poor in Great Britain are unfairly targeted at extremely high interest rates which causes your paycheck to get even smaller on a weekly basis. When you see a man like this trying to help other people it is quite heartwarming.

Qubbaj wanted to also start a business and the start-up is called Squirrel. The company helps low income workers manage paychecks and budgeting money for bills, food and other necessities. Without budgeting and some basic financial rules to live by you’re spending such a small income that can go fast.

You are doing pretty good as an entrepreneur when you get recognized by Wired Magazine and the likes. Qubbaj can help you get on the platform of financial well-being. When you’re being targeted by these “Loan Shark” companies you have many opportunities to fall through the cracks of financial management. You deserve to have a better chance of surviving financially and this is a great idea by Qubbaj.

Qubbaj with all the years in the financial sector working for top companies has the experience and money to start this venture. You know how to plan and operate a business and how to venture and take risks coming from this background. Even with all this experience the competition can still beat you. You can also pour a lot of your money into a business venture like this. Qubbaj is working hard and making this great idea a reality.

You are helping a lot of working people in Britain from falling through the cracks of financial management. Watching out for the struggling workers and pointing your fellow man away from tragedy seems like a basic human right. Loan Sharking can lead to other social ills not related to money. You are keeping your society from deteriorating and leading to more serious problems like better worker productivity. Issues such as drug abuse and gambling can all be issues with using these “Loan Sharks”.

If you only had others like Mutaz Qubbaj the world would be a better place. Having businesses think more like you Mr. Qubbaj would be the answer to many problems over the years. Good luck with your great business model!

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