Teen Kills Parents To Repay Loan Shark

Alan Hruby Charged With Murder

You simply don’t see stories like this very often. A teen killing their own parents and sister is already strange and disturbing enough, without all of the details that have leaked out afterwards. Your heart goes out to the family members that have been affected by this senseless tragedy.

It truly makes you wonder, were these murders truly necessary? For those who are unfamiliar with the story, Alan Hruby, a teenager from Oklahoma, was $3,000 in debt to a loan shark. Rather than ask his parents for the money or go to the police, he elected to shoot his mother, father and sister one by one.

He always had this creepy smile on his face, like he had everything figured out,” family friend Sandy Bruce tells PEOPLE. “But that picture they’re showing of him now, he looks so evil and so cold. And those eyes are the eyes of the devil.

Hruby committed this heinous crime in hopes that he could pay off the loan with the ensuing life insurance check he assumed he would receive. When you find out that Hruby sincerely believed he would stand to inherit everything in his family’s estate as the sole surviving immediate family member, chills are sent up and down your spine.

What could drive an upwardly mobile college student who seemingly had their whole life in front of them to commit such a depraved act? As more layers of the story have been peeled back, a picture has been painted. A picture of a money grubbing teenager who was not satisfied with the life his parents provided for him.

Upon apprehension by the police, Hruby admitted that his family had recently cut him off because of his profligate spending. It is a sad world we live in when a young man who is on his way to receiving a college education, one that has been paid for by that same family, would resort to such a violent crime.

Not only did Hruby sidetrack his own potential and end his own life before it had a chance to begin, his 17 year old sister, who likely had nothing to do with the financial dire straits the young man found himself in, is never going to have a chance to live the life she deserved. In a truly senseless tragedy, this is the part that stings the most.

Learning that Hruby checked into the Ritz Carlton and took in the Oklahoma-Texas football game while appearing to act completely normal leads a person to wonder what kind of mentality it takes to sever yourself from reality in such a drastic way. The revelation that his dorm room was filled with stolen checks shows a desperate young man, one who would stop at nothing to maintain his flashy lifestyle.

The prosecution is giving strong consideration to the death penalty when punishing Hruby. The question that you must ask yourself in a scenario like this: was it all worth it? Three innocent family members dead, so that a spoiled young man could maintain his lavish spending habits and show off on Instagram.

One fact is for certain: Hruby will certainly have a great deal time on his hands to ponder the severity of what he has done.

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