York Residents Fight Back Against Loan Sharks

Residents of York are being urged to fight back against loan sharks. With interests rates charged by illegal money lenders at an all time high, more families than ever are becoming trapped in debt. The England Illegal Money Team is hard at work trying to keep residents of York away from the clutches of money hungry loan sharks in the area. They warn, “If you have been a victim of a loan shark, do not hesitate to contact authorities and turn them in.”

The campaign started by the England Illegal Money Team and the City of York Council, will allow residents to sign up for a “zero tolerance” charter at an event early next week.

According to the Yorkpress,

It will be at Bell Farm Social Hall at 10am on Tuesday. The first 25 people who join the South Yorkshire Credit Union, which covers York, at the event and continue to save will receive a £25 voucher paid for through proceeds of criminal money taken from convicted loan sharks.

Local agencies will also have an opportunity to allow staff members to be trained in all facets of illegal money lending. Landlords, housing authorities, and other agencies staff members will have an opportunity to get trained on spotting the signs of illegal money lending.

With so many families than ever drowning in debt and attempting to learn how to find a loan shark, this is the perfect time to educate the community to keep innocent people out of debt.

Says Linsay Cunningham-Cross,

“With the charter, loan sharks operating in York will continue to be stopped by a specialist team dedicated to cracking down on unlicensed lenders.”

Additionally, if you have been the victim of a loan shark, please contact:

Phone 0300 555 222.
For details about the credit union phone 01904 552236


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